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The world’s best programmers unite in Toronto for Code Jam

Google’s longest-running programming competition, Code Jam, is bringing their World Finals to Google Toronto for the first time ever in August.

Toronto will host 39 of the savviest programmers representing 15 different countries who’ve made it through four rounds of intense, algorithmic challenges to beat out over 60,000 registrants.

Toronto, and the wider Toronto-Waterloo corridor is a hub for technology and innovation, and we are so excited to be able to share this culture with some of the best programmers from around the world.

The finalists joining us next week have dedicated countless hours of hard work and determination in the online rounds to get to this very moment, and will come together in one room to compete for the championship title and grand prize of up to $15,000.

Leading up to the finals, we spoke with Samuel Huang, a software engineer at Google Canada's engineering headquarters in Waterloo, a former Code Jam participant, and a volunteer for this year’s competition about his Code Jam experience.

What was your favourite part about participating in Code Jam? 
Samuel Huang: Day-to-day programming work is like writing books, and solving contest problems is like writing poems. These require related but slightly different skill sets. It's educational and refreshing to solve Code Jam problems. I'm consistently amazed by the creativity of problem writers. Solving a challenging problem is rewarding, and anything I couldn’t solve pointed to a gap in my knowledge that I can improve on. Most of all - I enjoyed the camaraderie. It was nice to meet so many people with similar interests as me. 

Since you’re volunteering at this year’s finals, what are you looking forward to the most?
SH: I’m very excited to meet this year’s contestants and hear the perspectives of a new generation of coders. I can’t wait to be amazed by their skills, and learn from them as well.

What are your words of advice for this year’s finalists?
SH: Be flexible and adapt to the occasion, be it contests, or interviews, or hackathons, or production work. Software engineering is about managing complexity and making trade-offs -- so in addition to doing what you do best, it would be valuable to know to switch gears for different situations, and don't be afraid to ask questions whenever you're unsure. 

To follow along, tune into the Code Jam World Finals livestream on August 10th at 12:30 PM EST. Can’t wait another week? Submit your questions to be featured on the livestream by tagging your social media posts with #TalkToCodeJam and participating in the #CodeJamFinals conversations on Twitter, Facebook and G+.

Placing a bet on building a better world

A few years ago, was looking for a way to encourage innovation in the non-profit sector, especially when the need is urgent and overwhelming, or when the challenge is complex and daunting.

The result was the Impact Challenge, an open-call that travels to different parts of the world to identify and fund organizations that are looking to use technology in transformative ways. 

The first Canadian challenge took place last year, and ten projects were selected. provided five million dollars in grant money, and in partnership with our team at the LEAP | Pecaut Centre for Social Impact, we jointly provided a unique blend of support that includes mentorship, education and access to Google’s tech expertise. LEAP also leveraged the deep bench of experience from our sector partners, the Boston Consulting Group, EY, McCarthy Tétrault, Hill + Knowlton Strategies, and the Offord Group, which provided pro-bono services and worked closely with each of the selected organizations.

Over the past twelve months, we’ve seen up close that Canadian nonprofits can do tremendous things when they are given not only tools, but also the room to fail and the freedom to spend capital where they most need it in order to meet their bigger goals.

The lessons we have learned together over the past year are applicable to any business with tight budgets and a risk-averse culture:

  • Invest in great ideas and visionary leaders - there are lots of good ones, be selective and only choose to invest in the best. Similarly, look for the leaders with ambition who want to drive forward a project. We look for leaders who want open source their technology, who build models with the potential to scale, who will speak publicly about their successes and failures so that others can learn and benefit.
  • The right toolkit is so much more than money - we don’t want to fund projects that dry up as soon as our grant is spent. We help our partners scope their projects to make sure that they can sustain the work after our investment is complete. We empower them to use the technology themselves, we don’t just do it for them. We look to harness their existing talent and expertise, and accelerate their learning in new areas.
  • Learn from each other - all of the nonprofits participating in the Impact Challenge have an opportunity to connect and learn from each other. They share what’s working, what failed, and how they have overcome challenges. They have built a community to continually turn to.

The money invested in non-profit innovation in Canada is already paying dividends. The Impact Challenge participants have done everything from deploy drones to find safe routes through disaster zones to build a digital map of climate change impact on sea ice ecosystems in Hudson Bay. They have developed ways to create educational opportunity for kids living on indigenous reserves and ways to divert surplus food away from landfill and onto the plates of hungry people through Canada’s Food Bank network.

When innovation works, the smart investor re-invests. We’re proud to share that five organizations will be partnering with us for a second year, and have been granted an additional $100,000 each from to continue their work. This brings the total investment across the Impact Challenge Canada to $5.5M in grant money, and an additional $1.5M in pro bono investment across Google Canada, LEAP and our partners.

The projects that will participate in this second phase are:

  • The Rumie Initiative - Only 40% of students on indigenous reserves graduate from high school, compared to 90% of students in the rest of Canada. The LearnCloud Portal is an offline, tablet-based curriculum to help high school students learn about Indigenous culture, history and language while gaining employment skills and financial literacy.
  • World Wide Hearing Foundation International - Globally, 32 million children suffer from significant hearing loss, the majority of whom live in countries where access to hearing care can be a significant barrier. The Teleaudiology Cloud will connect children living in remote communities with audiologists and speech therapists who can assist with remote screening, hearing aid fitting, speech therapy and parent counselling.
  • Arctic Eider Society - With Arctic sea ice declining at over 13% per decade, changing conditions make navigation unpredictable and limits access to traditional foods for Arctic communities. The SIKU platform will provide a set of open-source tools that help Inuit communities map changing sea ice, and build a living archive of Inuit knowledge to help inform decision making for stewardship and sustainable development.
  • Food Banks Canada - Each year, close to $31 billion of food is wasted in Canada, yet nearly one in ten Canadian households have to worry about whether they have food on the table. The FoodAccess App diverts surplus quality food away from landfill by connecting farmers, manufacturers and restaurants with donation agencies and Canadian dinner tables that might otherwise go empty. 
  • Growing North - In Nunavut, nearly 70% of adults are food insecure - meaning they lack reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Growing North addresses food insecurity issues by building greenhouses that will provide fresh produce all year round in latitudes above the Arctic Circle at about half of the present cost.

Celebrating Pride 2018 with our Canadian tech family

As searches for LGBT-related terms, like “how to come out” and ‘LGBTQIA meaning”, increase year over year, it's clear that, now more than ever, we need to continue supporting Canada's growing LGBTQIA+ community and making sure we’re providing all members with equal opportunity and a voice.

That’s why, this Pride, Google is celebrating families big and small, chosen or inherited. Over 150 employees and their friends and family from our Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo offices will be marching in the Toronto Pride Parade as part of #ThisIsFamily.

For the second year in a row, we're also marching alongside other companies within the wider Canadian tech community, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, Indeed, Buzzfeed and more, as "TechProud".

Earlier this week, TechProud collaborated with local non-profit Venture Out to host a panel and workshop series at our Toronto office for more than 150 LGBTQIA+ tech professionals. At Google, we believe in the importance of storytelling as a tool to help connect like-minded individuals and our goal with this Venture Out series was to support and inspire our burgeoning homegrown LGTBQIA+ tech community.

Here are a few other ways we are working to be a resource for LGBTQIA+ Canadians and the wider community around Pride:
  • In Google Maps, this year's parade route is paved with 🌈rainbows🌈! 
  • We’re helping Canadian businesses declare their establishments "LGBTQ+ Friendly" or "Transgender Safe Space" on their business listings in Google Maps and Google Search. 
  • You'll also find rainbow "easter eggs" scattered through Google Search and G Suite, and you can join the fun from your desktop by switching your Gmail to a Pride theme for the month of June. 
  • On YouTube, we're celebrating the LGBTQ+ creators who are #ProudToCreate a better future with their imagination, creativity, talent, and truth through our YouTube Spotlight Channel, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Google Arts & Culture has a dedicated Pride collection celebrating LGBTQ+ history, with 20 exhibits and over 2,700 artifacts, part of which comes from the Stonewall Forever project. 
  • has pledged to match up to $100,000 in total in donations to PFLAG, It Gets Better and GLAAD during the month of June. 
Throughout 2018, we want to continue supporting and celebrating diversity in the Canadian tech scene by acting as a better resource for LGTBQIA+ Canadians via our products and programs, improving diversity and inclusion across our offices and uniting Canadian tech leaders in support of the LGTBQIA+ community.

From our family to yours, Happy Pride Canada!!

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Launch in Canada: It’s All Here

The wait is over! Starting today, YouTube Music is available to everyone in Canada. Now Canadian fans can find more of the music they love and effortlessly discover new favourites.

YouTube Music is a new music streaming service built on top of all the music on YouTube that you can’t find anywhere else - personalized & all simply organized in one place.

Here’s how it all comes together:

  1. It’s ALL here. Not just music videos, but official albums, singles, remixes, live performances, covers and hard-to-find music you can only get on YouTube.
  2. Recommendations built for you. A home screen that dynamically adapts to provide recommendations based on the artists and songs you’ve played before, where you are and what you’re doing. Chilling at the beach? Need some motivation? The right music is right here, built just for you.
  3. Thousands of playlists across any genre, mood or activity. Try “A Dose of Sun” for brighter tunes on a cloudy day, “The Pop Hotlist” for the biggest hits around the world or Distrito Latino for Latin pop hits of the moment.
  4. Smart search so we’ll find the song, even if you can’t remember what it’s called. “That space-themed Spice Girls song in the desert.” Here you go. You can also search by lyrics (even if they’re wrong). It’s “Hold me closer, Tony Danza,” right?
  5. The hottest videos. We’ll keep you on top of what’s hot! The hottest videos in the world right now are right there, on their own dedicated Hotlist screen. So you can go check out that brand-new Degrassi-themed Drake video.
  6. Ad-free listening, downloads and more. Get YouTube Music Premium to listen ad-free, in the background and on-the-go with downloads. Plus, your Offline Mixtape automatically downloads songs you love just in case you forgot to. For a limited time, get three months free of YouTube Music Premium here, ($9.99 per month after, $14.99 per month for a Family Plan)*.

YouTube Premium also launches today
Starting today, YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) will also be available in Canada, providing members with the benefits of Music Premium, plus ad-free, background, and downloads across all of YouTube. YouTube Premium members also get access to the full slate of YouTube Originals shows and movies including the hit series Cobra Kai, Impulse, F2 Finding Football and The Sidemen Show. For a limited time, get three months free of YouTube Premium here, ($11.99 per month after, $17.99 per month for a Family Plan)*.

Current Google Play Music subscribers in Canada will automatically receive access to YouTube Music Premium at their current price as it becomes available there. Nothing is changing with Google Play Music - you'll still be able to access all of your purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always.
Try YouTube Music and YouTube Premium
Get the new YouTube Music from the Play Store and App Store today or check out the brand new web player at You can sign up for YouTube Premium at

*YouTube Music Premium is $9.99 per month and YouTube Premium is $11.99 per month for individual memberships in Canada. 

Greater transparency and control over your Google ad experience

Over the years, you’ve told us that transparency and control over your data and ad experience are important. That's why we've built products and tools to help you manage that experience. Back in 2009, we launched Ad Settings, providing you with a single place for your ad controls, and in 2011 and 2012 we introduced Why this ad? and Mute this ad, giving you more transparency and control over the ads that you see. In 2015 all of these were brought together in your Google Account, the all-in-one destination for managing your personal information, privacy and security settings.

Today, we’re launching the new Ad Settings, which makes it easier for you to understand and control how your ads are tailored to you. We’re also providing more transparency around why you see certain ads by expanding Why this ad? to all of our services that show Google ads (like Search and YouTube) and almost all websites and apps that partner with us to show ads.

Understand and control how your ads are tailored to you
The new Ad Settings shows all the different factors that determine how ads are tailored to you in one view. This way, it’s easier for you to see them at a glance, learn more about why you see ads related to these topics, and decide if there are any you want to remove.

There are a few different factors that can determine how your ads are tailored to you, including: estimations of your interests based on your activity while you’re signed in, information you’ve added to your Google Account, and information from advertisers that partner with us to show ads—like if you’ve visited their site or signed up for their newsletter.
For example, if you watched highlights from a recent soccer match on YouTube or searched “soccer fields near me” you might see an ad for a slick pair of soccer shorts. If you’ve told us you’re 40 years old, we would be less likely to show you ads about student study abroad programs. And if you visit the website of one of your favorite brands, you might see an ad from them.

This information helps make ads more relevant and useful to you. However, in the new Ad Settings, if you no longer want us to tailor your ads based on one of these factors you can choose to turn it off. Turning off a factor means you’ll no longer receive tailored ads related to it across our services, and on websites and apps that partner with us to show ads, as long as you’re signed in to your Google Account. The ads you see can still be based on general factors, like the subject of what you’re looking at or the time of day, or any other factor that is still turned on.

Why this ad? makes it easier to understand why you see certain ads 
Why this ad? is a feature which appears next to ads and both helps you learn why you are seeing a certain ad and gives you easy access to your Ad Settings. For example, if you want to know why you’re seeing an ad for a camera, Why this ad? might tell you it’s because you’ve searched for cameras, visited photography websites, or clicked on ads for cameras before. We’ve now significantly expanded coverage of this feature; starting today, you’ll see Why this ad? notices on all our services that show Google Ads, such as ads on YouTube (including the YouTube app on connected TVs), Google Play, Gmail, Maps and Search. We’ve also expanded it to include almost all of the websites and apps that partner with us to show ads.

The new Ad Settings and updates to Why this ad? provide you with more transparency and control over your Google ad experience than ever before. With these improvements, you can browse the web confidently knowing that you have the information and control to make Google work better for you.

Inspiring Canada’s future innovators at Go North Youth

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is guest authored by Jennifer Flanagan, President and CEO of Actua. The University of Toronto is one of 36 Actua network members across Canada annually engaging 250,000 youth in hands-on STEM learning. 

Nicole, a Grade 4 student from Kew Beach Junior Public School, was excited to visit Go North Youth today. "My favourite subject is math, so I couldn't wait to learn all about science and tech at the University of Toronto! I learned that sound can travel through two people's bodies, how to build a future city, plus a bunch of other really cool stuff."

Today, for the third year in a row, Go North Youth gathered over 1200 students from grades three to eight in the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall. Students from schools across the GTA came together for Canada’s biggest and most exciting day of exploration, learning and fun with cutting-edge science and technology.
Students flocked to the University of Toronto for the third annual Go North Youth, a full day of hands-on activities, workshops and learning designed to ignite curiosity around science and technology
The day kicked off with a vibrant opening ceremony in U of T’s historic Convocation Hall that included performances by DJ Skratch, ActionPotential, and a special address from The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, who got to personally welcome students from her own riding of Etobicoke North.

Afterwards, students explored Innovate Alley, where they went hands-on with fun science and tech, from creating 3D printed objects with Inksmith and testing Google’s AI game Quick Draw to dancing to cool rhythmic light installations from U of T alumni Nanoleaf.

Students spent the remainder of the day participating in inspiring design and build workshops put on by the incredible team at U of T Engineering Outreach. As always, it is amazing to see students so engaged and excited to learn about the engineering that backs their favourite technologies.
The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, MInister of Science, chats with students at Go North Youth
The lead partner, the University of Toronto, worked with Google and Actua to bring this massive event to life for the third year because we believe that it is critical for youth to experience current innovations while seeing their peers excited about STEM. Whether students want to become doctors or game developers, STEM skills and computational thinking are, and will continue to be, important tools for their future.

For more than 20 years, Actua and our 36 university and college-based network members have worked to prepare young Canadians to be innovators and leaders by engaging them in exciting and accessible STEM experiences that build critical skills and confidence.

This includes our Codemakers program, supported by Google, which has engaged over 165,000 youth in computer science and digital skill building. Canadian youth from all over the country have participated in Codemakers whether through coding throat singing in Canada’s north or printing 3-D selfies in Vancouver or participating in events like today. With a recent renewal of $1.5M in funding from and $10 million in funding from the federal government through the CanCode program, we will continue to evolve the Codemakers program to reach a quarter of a million young Canadians.
Students got the chance to go hands-on with tech in Innovate Alley, from creating mini-ziplines to building their own 3D printed objects and much more. 

Together we can help students gain the skills and confidence they need to use technology to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Hey Google, what’s a smart home? Design duo Drew and Jonathan Scott offer smart tech tips to modernize your place

Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is brought to you by renovation experts Drew and Jonathan Scott, the dynamic team behind HGTV’s Property Brothers. Through their popular TV shows, Drew and Jonathan help families buy, sell and renovate homes. 

Summer is prime time to tackle those home renovations that you’ve been putting off all year. We speak from experience when we say undertaking a reno can be a daunting task -- but it doesn’t have to be! Thanks to innovative advancements in smart home technology, it’s become easier -- and more cost-effective -- to modernize your home and ultimately add value to your property without the hassle of a construction crew.

Here are five ways to turn your home into a tech-savvy space with the help of Google Home Mini (available on the Google Store and at Best Buy Canada for $79):
Control the temperature of your home
Stay cool this summer and save money at the same time by installing a smart thermostat that learns your behaviours and programs itself to save energy.

We love the Nest Wi-Fi Smart Learning Thermostat because it combines a sleek design with a bright LCD interface that provides useful data and tools that help you save money. And, it works with smart home hubs, such as Google Home Mini, so you can access data and adjust settings by simply saying “Hey Google, adjust the temperature to 21 degrees.”

The best part? It can be installed in less than 30 minutes, so you can spend more time enjoying your home.

Create the right ambiance in your favourite rooms to unwind
One of the most common design questions we get asked from renters or new homeowners is about how add personal DIY touches to their space. Well, one of the quickest and easiest ways is to adjust the lighting.

You can add ambience to any room in your home with the Philips Hue Smart Personal Wireless Light Bulb Starter Kit. Create the feel of a sunset in the living room or set the perfect shade of light and brightness for reading a book in bed.

What’s more is that Philips Hue works with the Google Assistant, providing you with a hands-free lighting experience. With commands like “Hey Google, dim the lights in the bedroom” or “Ok Google, turn on tropical twilight in the living room” you can have a fully customized experience that’s as easy as screwing in a light bulb.

Connect your appliances
Together with Google Home Mini, WeMo offers hands-free control of your smart home. Whether you’re brewing your morning coffee or cooling down under a fan, the Google Assistant allows you to control your small appliances with the sound of your voice and a simple command.

This can be especially useful for morning routines. Beat the morning rush by saying “Ok Google, turn the coffee pot on.” As a bonus, your Google Assistant can also give you valuable information about your day, such as your schedule, weather and traffic conditions. So go ahead and hit that “snooze” button for an extra 5-minutes.

Upgrade your entertainment system
Easily create an immersive entertainment system that you can control with the sound of your voice. Whether you’re playing the latest hits on Spotify for a summer soiree or having a cozy night in streaming Netflix with your Chromecast, your Google Assistant and suite of Google Home products will allow for hands-free entertainment.

And if you’re feeling a bit competitive (not that we’d know what that’s like..), you can play interactive trivia games with your Google Home.

Make safety a priority at your house
With Nest Hello you'll always know who's at your front door, even if you're not at home. This video doorbell provides a live view of your front door and sends you a mobile alert when someone approaches, rings the doorbell, or leaves a package. And when you are at home, your Google Assistant can announce when someone's at your door. Gone are the days of having to greet unexpected guests!

In Toronto? Join us at the downtown Google shop (Best Buy Canada, Yonge and Dundas) on Saturday, June 2. We’ll share how easy it is to update your home with Google Home Mini and other cool smart gadgets. Space is extremely limited for the workshop so make sure to RSVP here: 

Pump up the jams, Canada: Google Home Max is here

Music fans, time to turn up the volume! Our biggest and best sounding Google Home -- the Google Home Max -- is now available in Canada via The Google Store and at Best Buy.
Built for premium sound
Thanks to premium hardware, including two 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers, Max delivers deep, powerful bass. And it’s loud…really loud, so you can fill even the largest room in your home with your favourite music. In fact, Max is 20 times more powerful than Google Home!

Redefine how you listen to music with Smart Sound
Powered by Google AI, Smart Sound means Max can automatically adapt itself to you -- your environment, your moments, your content. Once you’ve set up Max, it will automatically tune itself based on where you’ve placed it in the room. Without lifting a finger, your music will sound just as it was intended when it left the production studio. And all of this is done dynamically, so if you decide to move Max to the other side of the room, it will adapt within seconds. There’s no extra setup or testing required.

Your personal DJ, 24/7
With the Google Assistant built in, Google Home Max is always ready to start your favourite song, pause or turn it up, all with just your voice. Can’t quite remember the name of that favourite summer jam? Your Assistant can find it with just a few small details. Just ask, “Hey Google, play that song about Drake's dad...’”

Google Home Max works with Google Play Music, Spotify Free and Premium and TuneIn, so you can enjoy music in whatever way you like. And Chromecast is built in, meaning you can cast from your phone from many more services. For all of your other music and devices, Max has support for both Bluetooth® and aux-in, so plug in your record player and dust off your vinyl.

Control your smart home
Make Max the centre of your smart home. Google Home Max works with more than 150 home automation brands and more than 1,000 devices—including Nest, Belkin Wemo and Philips Hue. Plus, Google Home Max can complete two tasks at once. If you have a compatible smart plug, try saying, “Hey Google, dim the lights and play a summer time playlist”

Google Home Max is available starting May 16 for $499 from The Google Store and Best Buy Canada.

Looking Forward to Canada’s Innovative Future

Editor’s note: Today’s post is from Catherine Lacavera, Director of IP and Patent Litigation at Google… and proud Canadian.

Canada has a new National Intellectual Property Strategy, and this is very good news. Last month, Minister Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, announced a new National IP Strategy that makes great strides towards a better future for Canadian industry through a balanced and efficient IP system that protects and fosters Canadian innovation.

The new National IP Strategy is the product of a thoughtful, consultative process that led to a well-informed strategy reflecting the varied needs of different sectors and sized companies, both now, and into our promising future. The IP literacy campaign will help inform industry about how to meaningfully protect IP without wasting resources better spent on development. The efficiency measures and scrutiny of demand letters will help clear the path for innovators to realize value for their IP, while curbing the abuses that plague inefficient IP systems elsewhere around the world. There is much to applaud in the careful thought behind the new strategy.

As a fellow Canadian, I have a vested interest in seeing Canada take its rightful place on the world IP stage. We have long outperformed in innovation, and this new National IP strategy brings that same excellence in policies to our already excellent development programs. Congratulations to all those involved, and to the many varied industries that will be the beneficiaries of this thoughtful, collaborative strategy.

Posted by Catherine Lacavera; Director, Google Legal

Introducing new choices for parents to further customize YouTube Kids

When we launched the YouTube Kids app three years ago, our goal was to give kids around the world a place to access videos that were enriching, engaging and allowed them to explore their endless interests.

Since then, our team has continued to work to improve the app experience for kids and families around the world. One area of focus has been building new features that give parents even more control around the content available in the YouTube Kids app so they can make the right choice for their unique family and for each child within their family. 

We are excited to announce that throughout the year, we will be rolling out three new options in YouTube Kids:
  • Collections by trusted partners and YouTube Kids: Starting this week, our partners and the YouTube Kids team will offer collections of trusted channels on a variety of subjects, from arts & crafts and music to sports, learning, and so much more. This makes it easy for parents to select only the channel collections and topics they want their kids to access. Just go into Profile Settings, and select from available collections such as Sesame Workshop. We will continue to add more partners over time.

  • Parent approved content: Parents know better than anyone what they want their children to watch. For those parents who want even more control over the videos and channels in the YouTube Kids app, we're rolling out a feature later this year that will allow parents to specifically handpick every video and channel available to their child in the app.
  • Improved search-off control for an even more contained experience: Parents have always been able to turn search off within the YouTube Kids app, but starting this week, turning search off will limit the YouTube Kids experience to channels that have been verified by the YouTube Kids team. This means that search off will not include recommendations from the broader YouTube Kids corpus.

For parents who like the current version of YouTube Kids and want a wider selection of content, it's still available. While no system is perfect, we continue to fine-tune, rigorously test and improve our filters for this more open version of our app. And, as always, we encourage parents to block and flag videos for review that they don't think should be in the YouTube Kids app. This makes YouTube Kids better for everyone.

It is our hope that these additional options will allow every family to have the experience they want in the YouTube Kids app.

Posted by James Beser, Product Director for YouTube Kids