Use the Web to make interactive displays out of almost anything

Posted by Richard The, Google Creative Lab

We wanted to build something cool for the new lobby in our New York City office, something that was big, could display a lot of interesting stuff, and (most importantly) was really fun to play and interact with. A giant screen would have been pretty easy, but touching a screen just isn’t that much fun. So we went with something a little different: six thousand light-up arcade buttons acting as interactive pixels, controlled through a web page.

Then we had a thought. Wouldn’t it be even more fun if all developers, coders, and makers could build their own display running apps they created for it?

AnyPixel.js is an open-source software and hardware library created here at Google, making it possible to use the web to create big, unusual, interactive displays out of all kinds of things. Anyone can take and hack the code and the schematics to create their own display at any scale or level of expertise.

Find out more about the project, or how to create your own at