Track and manage your public access mandates

Today, we are adding a Public access section to Scholar profiles to help you track and manage public access mandates for your articles. If your public Scholar profile has papers covered by public access mandates from research funding agencies, you should see a new section that looks like this:
Click "VIEW ALL" to see the full list of mandated articles, and then click the title of the article to see its mandates.
Articles can be publicly available from several sources including the publisher, an institutional repository, a research area specific repository and others. The Google Scholar indexing system tries to include all publicly accessible versions that follow our inclusion guidelines.

For your profile, you can update the list of mandated articles and make corrections. You can also upload a public PDF to your own Google Drive; this makes the article publicly available from your profile and eligible for inclusion in Google Scholar.

Many funding agencies have added public access mandates to promote broad access to funded research. This helps researchers everywhere build on what their colleagues have discovered. You can browse a list of public access mandates from funding agencies worldwide and view summary statistics for each agency that include the level of public availability of mandated articles overall and over several recent years.

For more details, see the public access help page.

Posted by: Akash Sethi, Kyu Jin Hwang, Alex Verstak, Anurag Acharya