The Video.js-IMA plugin adds DAI support for HLS streams

The IMA Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) SDK lets apps make stream requests for ad and content video streams, either VOD or live content. The SDK then enables a video player to play the combined stream so you don't have to manage switching between ad and content video within your apps.

To improve support for HTML5 publishers, we have expanded the features provided by the Video.js-IMA plugin to include DAI for HLS streams. With the latest version of the plugin, you can enable a Video.js player to request ads and content in a single HLS stream. Check out the new DAI sample app and the DAI README file for implementation details on how the Video.js-IMA plugin can simplify your IMA DAI integration.

For more information on IMA DAI, please see the IMA HTML5 DAI getting started guide. If you have any questions or feedback about using DAI with the Video.js-IMA plugin, please raise an issue on GitHub.