The Trekker Loan Program turns two!

Two years ago, we started the Trekker Loan Program, where we invite partners to help us gather Street View imagery of many breathtaking places around the world. Since then, we've added imagery from a vast variety of locations -- from natural wonders right in organizations backyards to hard-to-reach sites we would never have been able to access by ourselves.

Now with a tap of your finger or the click of your mouse, you can hike through the glorious mountainside in Spain with Generalitat de Catalunya, walk the pilgrimage route of Kumano Kodo in Japan with the Mie Kumano-kodo Society of Commerce and Industry, explore the Canadian Arctic with Polar Bears International, and even venture with the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau across dried volcanic lava.  

If you like to take the road less travelled, we’ve got just the thing for you. Thanks to our partner Visit Greenland, you can visit the viking ruins and ice fjords in Greenland, or go with Blue Ventures on a journey to Madagascar, the world’s oldest island, chock full of unique views and vegetation. And for those of you looking for an extra thrill, journey to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil to soar down a zipline with our partners, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation.

Seeing the hundreds of stunning sites collected by our partners makes it hard not to envy all the amazing locations they’re lucky enough to call home. Check out the jaw-dropping beauty of Colorado National Monument taken by Grand Junction Visitor & Convention Bureau, the impressive view of the cityscape from Sydney Harbor National Park courtesy of New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service, and the meandering waters of England’s Bradford-on-Avon Wharf collected by our friends at the Canal & River Trust.

To see more highlights from our 200 Trekker Loan Partners to date, see all the collections in our Street View Gallery, including those for U.S. Highlights, the Dolomites, Kyoto by the Sea, Ticino Switzerland, remote islands and many more. The world awaits your exploration!

And if you’re a nonprofit, tourism board, government agency, university or other entity interested in borrowing our camera equipment to share your favorite places with the world, apply now to be the next Trekker.

Posted by Deanna Yick, Street View Program Manager

Source: Google LatLong