The google_global_site_tag will no longer be filterable in Google Ads API

What's changing?
Starting the week of Jan 25, 2021, the customer.remarketing_setting.google_global_site_tag field will no longer be filterable in the Google Ads API. If you use this field in a WHERE clause of a GAQL query in a call to the GoogleAdsService.Search or GoogleAdsService.SearchStream method, you will receive a QueryError.PROHIBITED_FIELD_IN_WHERE_CLAUSE error. Similarly, the GoogleAdsFieldService.SearchGoogleAdsFields method will report this field as non-filterable. This change affects all versions of the Google Ads API.

What should you do?
Before Jan 25, 2021, review and modify your Google Ads API reporting queries to stop using the google_global_site_tag field for filtering purposes.

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