Teachers talk tech

Every year, thousands of teachers and educators from around Australia migrate to the Sunshine state for a schoolies of a very different kind — Edutech.  The country's biggest education technology conference, EduTech is a place to hear from inspiring educators like Sir Ken Robinson and Sugata Mitra, learn more about new teaching trends, and hear from Google Certified Teachers about how tools like Google Apps and Chromebooks can enrich learning.

Today more than 30 million students, teachers and administrators around the world use Google Apps for Education. Here in Australia, the NSW Department of Education, The Catholic Education Network and some of Australia’s top universities have found that Google tools help them teach in more creative and collaborative ways.

2014-06-05 11.11.34 pm.png
Teachers check out the latest education tools and trends at EduTech

From creating the ultimate teaching playlist with YouTube, to using forms to get immediate feedback from students, to visualising information and stories on maps, over the last two days our Google Certified Teachers have been sharing some of their top tech tips with Edutech visitors so they can take some of these teaching tools back to their schools and classrooms.

But the exchange of tech tips doesn’t have to stop at EduTech. If you’re an educator interested in learning more about how you can use Google tools in the classroom, Google Educators Groups (GEG) are a great way to meet other educators, collaborate and get inspired. If you’re based in Melbourne, you can head along in person to the  Melbourne chapter, and if you’re in Brissy you can check the brand new Brisbane chapter. Our Sydney chapter is starting soon, and for teachers everywhere else, you can chime in virtually to any of the chapters.

Posted by Suan Yeo, Google Education Evangelist