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Announcing v0_7 of the Google Ads API

Today we’re announcing the beta release of the Google Ads API v0_7. With this version, you’ll continue pointing to v0 as your endpoint; however, you'll need to update your client libraries. Here are the highlights:
  • Request Parameters. These parameters give you the ability to change how a request is processed.
    • Set validate_only to true as a request parameter to only validate the request, but not perform it. This was added to all services including GoogleAdsService.Mutate().
    • Set partial_failure to true as a mutate parameter to continue on failure and commit valid operations even if other operations in the same request failed.
  • Reporting. All segment fields are now in a segments, which means all queries must be updated to include segments. before the segment field name.
  • Manager accounts. We've added support for mutating your customer hierarchy with CustomerManagerLink and CustomerClientLink.
  • Client accounts. We’ve introduced fields to identify if a customer is a test account or a manager account. The conversion tracking settings of a customer are now available.
  • Ad formats. We’ve added support for managing ad parameters with the AdParameterService.
  • Audiences. The targeting setting in campaigns and ad groups is now available. We’ve added support for rule-based, logical, and basic user lists. You can now manage remarketing actions for a basic user list.
  • Criteria types. Creating criteria with CriterionType MOBILE_APP_CATEGORY, WEBPAGE, OPERATING_SYSTEM_VERSION, and APP_PAYMENT_MODEL is now possible.
To get started with the API, review these helpful resources: The updated client libraries and code examples will be published within the next 2 business days. If you have any questions or need help, please contact us via the forum.