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Equator found to be slipping: Australia at risk of becoming a Northern Hemisphere country by 2055

In order to ensure the accuracy of Google Maps, our engineers constantly reassess the Earth’s geospatial data in relation to other objects in the solar system.

Over the past two months, Google Maps engineers in Sydney have discovered that the Earth’s equator is slipping south at rate of 25km per year — much faster than previously thought.

Movements in the equator are caused by changes in the Earth’s tilt, called Milankovitch cycles. A degree of movement is not unexpected but the speed of this movement has alarmed scientists, who have expressed concerns about the impact on migratory birds. Dr Derek Muller, the scientist behind the popular YouTube channel Veritasium, explains in this video what’s behind the alarming slippage.  

Current modelling suggests that the northern-most point of Australia, Cape York, could enter the Northern Hemisphere as soon as 2055.

Regardless of where the equator moves to, there are some things we will never change. In Australia, we will always call the season after Summer “Autumn”, not “Fall.” We will refuse to spell colour “color”, even when referring to that dress. And, we will keep surfing at Bondi Beach in January, even if the water drops below zero Fahrenheit Celsius.