Support for v201607 reports in AdWords Scripts

We have added support for AdWords API v201607 reports in AdWords scripts. The major changes in this release are: See the AdWords API release notes for more details.

v201605 will remain the default version for reports until the week of October 10th, 2016. This gives you enough time to verify your scripts and make sure it works with the latest report version.

If you use API versioning in your reports, you need to modify your code to use v201607:

var report =, {
apiVersion: 'v201607'
If you don’t use API versioning, no code changes are required. Your reports will continue using v201605 for now, and switch to v201607 when we make v201607 the default version the week of October 10th, 2016.

If you have any questions about these changes or AdWords scripts in general, you can post them on our developer forum.