Support for Expanded Text Ads in AdWords Scripts

The expanded text ad format is now fully supported in Scripts. Expanded text ads are the next generation of the standard AdWords text ad and are optimized for smartphone screen sizes. The new format features two headlines, each up to 30 characters, and one 80-character description line. See our guide on ad types and related code snippets to learn more about using expanded text ads in Scripts.

Along with the AdWords user interface, AdWords scripts will stop supporting the creation of standard text ads on October 26, 2016. If you use the AdGroup.newTextAdBuilder() method to create standard text ads, be sure to update your scripts to use the new ExpandedTextAdBuilder class. Existing standard text ads will continue to serve beyond this date and scripts will still be able to retrieve them.

If you have any questions about these changes or AdWords scripts in general, you can post them on our developer forum.