Stable Channel Update for ChromeOS

The Stable channel is being updated to OS version: 15786.41.0 Browser version: 123.0.6312.94 for most ChromeOS devices.

If you find new issues, please let us know one of the following ways

  1. File a bug
  2. Visit our ChromeOS communities
    1. General: Chromebook Help Community
    2. Beta Specific: ChromeOS Beta Help Community
  3. Report an issue or send feedback on Chrome

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Daniel Gagnon
Google ChromeOS

Security Fixes and Rewards

ChromeOS Vulnerability Rewards Program Reported Bug Fixes:


Other 3rd Party Security Fixes Included:


Chrome Browser Security Fixes:


Users who are pinned to a specific release of ChromeOS will not receive these security fixes or any other security fixes. We recommend updating to the latest version of Stable to ensure you are protected against exploitation of known vulnerabilities. 

To see fixes included in the Long Term Stable channel, see the release notes.