Spotlight on Analytics 360, part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite

The Google Analytics 360 Suite has launched, and we hope you're are as excited as we are about everything it offers.  Today we'd like to dive a little deeper into what the Analytics 360 Suite means for the Analytics 360 product specifically.

For those who missed it, Analytics 360 is the new name for Google Analytics Premium, and it's now part of the larger Google Analytics 360 Suite. There are no immediate changes that will impact your use of the product, but a new look and feel consistent with the Google Analytics 360 Suite user experience will roll out in the coming months.  
Analytics 360 is the measurement foundation for the Google Analytics 360 Suite, so we're actively investing in deepening its functionality.  In particular, we're continuing to build out its capacity to understand the customer journey, deliver intelligent insights, and help you deeply understand your customers and your business. We also want to help you take action on what you learn.  

Analytics 360 can be used on its own and will continue to provide all the functionality that our users know and love today.  But it can now also be used with the other 360 Suite products that are available for purchase.  Let us give you an example of how Analytics 360 and our other 360 Suite products can work together.

Say you find a high-performing segment in Analytics 360 — such as customers who spend 50% more than average.  As a marketer, you naturally want to cultivate this audience and find more people like them.  Now you can share this segment with Audience Center 360, our data management platform, to learn even more about these customers (e.g. demographics) using 3rd-party and Google data. Then you can build new audiences with the same characteristics and reach them with programmatic ads via DoubleClick Bid Manager and other 3rd-party DSPs.

Now that you're serving tailored, relevant ads to attract this audience, you want to give them the same tailored experience while they’re browsing your site. So you share the same high-performing segment you found in Analytics 360 with Optimize 360, our testing and personalization tool, to deploy personalized content and site experiences that are a perfect fit for those users.

For many advertisers this campaign would be just one of many advertising campaigns marketing is running.  Fortunately, because all your performance data flows into Attribution 360, our marketing attribution solution, you can evaluate how the campaign aimed at your high-performing segment is performing relative to all your other marketing. With this broad context, you can optimize your marketing across the board and focus on areas of biggest impact.

With all these insights in hand, you're ready to present a business case to your boss for the material marketing changes you’re recommending. That’s where Data Studio 360, our new data visualization tool, plays an important role. It integrates with data from the 360 Suite products and other sources to help you quickly create beautiful stories and bring to life your strategic recommendations.  Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, so it continues to up-level workplace productivity, team sharing and collaboration. 

As you can see, the customer understanding you gain with Analytics 360 becomes the starting point for sharing insights across your organization and building a more engaging experience for customers.  Using Analytics 360 in conjunction with the other 360 Suite products helps you make your analytics insights more impactful to your business.

We’ll be highlighting each of our 360 Suite products in the upcoming weeks. If you’d like to learn more about Analytics 360 specifically, please check out our new solution sheet.  
Posted by Jocelyn Whittenburg, Product Marketing Manager