Smart, modern, secure – business leaders discuss a digital future at Atmosphere Melbourne

Last week, business and IT leaders came together to talk digital transformation and building for the future at the Google Atmosphere event in Melbourne. There they discussed ideas from machine learning and data security to cloud technology, with the Google enterprise leadership team.

Attendees were keen to hear how our Cloud Platform, which takes advantage of Google’s deep networking and machine learning expertise to provide services for application development, data analysis and computing, could help their business.

Guests enjoyed a demonstration of a robot powered by the Cloud Platform Vision API, which correctly identified a human smile and everyday objects, and discussed how this technology could be applied to industries like manufacturing, retail and beyond.

We also heard from Silicon-Valley author, entrepreneur and evangelist Guy Kawasaki, who spoke about the ‘Art of Enterprise Innovation’ - urging businesses to take risks and try new things.

Financial accounting firm Xero, along with Salmat and Visy Business Solutions, shared their IT insights and the impact Google’s services have had on their businesses. Xero reflected on the gains in productivity and openness their business, spread across 17 global offices, experienced after moving to Google Apps.

Tasks that had been time consuming – like emailing a document around for edits – now take just seconds. Teams around the world can easily open a document from Google Drive and collaborate on docs and spreadsheets in real time.

Leaders from various sectors and industries shared their experience of using technology to improve efficiency, modernise decision-making and keep their organisation’s data secure.

This was a great opportunity to learn from our customers and IT leaders and we look forward to supporting businesses on their digital journey. Thank you to everyone who joined us in Melbourne and if you missed the event you can learn more now about Google Apps for Work.