Share your place of pride this Fair Day

Growing up as a rural Canadian farm boy, I hid my homosexuality for years, fearing that I was the ‘only gay in the village’ and that there was no support from my community. Although I was aware of a massive LGBTQI community in distant Toronto, I thought it was only confined to a tiny spot in the city centre that I rarely got a chance to visit.

When I finally came out in my thirties — in Sydney, no less — I realised these ‘gaybourhoods’ are quite spread out, and that members of the LGBTQI community dot every street and suburb of the city, and beyond.

In those struggling years, I would have loved to have seen a map that showed this reach of community. A map of “pride” would have given me more confidence, reassuring me that there were heaps of people truly like me, or truly in support of me – not just a distant global chorus from around the world, but potentially in my own rural community.

Everyday people around the world fall in love, share a kiss, or come out of the closet, and the places where these significant moments occur become cherished for the memories that they hold.

That’s why at Fair Day this Mardi Gras we’re launching Places of Pride. Places of Pride is a custom map that gives the LGBTQI community and supporters, a place to celebrate and remember their pride stories, memories, and moments, by marking their significant locations on the map with a Pride Pin. 
A Place of Pride can be anywhere you’ve experienced or felt pride. Whether it’s where you came out to your friends or colleagues, met your partner, or supported provide and diversity in your community, we invite you to mark the places that represent your cherished memories of love, pride, or triumph on the Places of Pride.
Last year at Fair Day, you helped us create a collaborative long song to show that love is stronger than hate. This year, we invite you to help us reflect the reach and diversity of love by adding your place of Pride to the map.

If you’re in Sydney, we’d love to see you this Sunday at our Fair Day booth at Victoria Park. We’ll have many Googlers with many tablets on hand to help you add your Place of Pride to the map. We look forward to seeing you and marking the map with Pride. Happy Mardi Gras!