Seven clips coming to a YouTube screen near you

The most memorable moments of a TV show can stay with you forever.

Now it’s easier to re-live many of them, like Angelique Kerber’s amazing Australian Open win over Serena Williams, or Brax’s big return to Summer Bay. In the coming months we’ll be working with Seven West Media - home of The X Factor, 7tennis and Home and Away - to bring you great clips from Seven’s shows across YouTube.

Soon you’ll be able to see highlights from some of Seven’s beloved drama, lifestyle, and home improvement programs, sports highlights as well as short videos by publications such as The West Australian newspaper, and magazines InStyle and Marie Claire.

Seven will be adding more content over the coming year, uploading thousands of clips onto YouTube and creating new channels for them them - like this one featuring the best moments from Seven’s summer of tennis.
And Australians aren’t the only ones who need a fix of Aussie culture - people all over the world search for their favourite shows, from the Irish viewers who follow Home and Away to Estonians who look to My Kitchen Rules to for their culinary pointers. So, wherever you may be watching, you’ll never be further than your smartphone from viewing gold like this: