See all six sides of the new Presets single on Google Play

Last month we took our new Cube on its first outing, to Semi Permanent, a conference for creative minds here in Sydney. An experimental platform for interactive storytelling, the Cube was developed by our Sydney Creative Lab as a place to produce film, music, and other art totally free from two-dimensional traditional constraints.

We hoped that the creative world would inspire us with all sorts of wacky ideas for the Cube, and we were thrilled when the first cab off the rank turned out to be one of our favourite Aussie bands - The Presets. With director Barnaby Roper (David Bowie, Kanye West, Banks), they’ve created a music video for their new single “No Fun” that wraps synth-bass, trance melody, and bold sounds around the six sides of the cube in an awesome and mind-bending way.

So go on - have a play. With headphones on, speakers up, you’re your own DJ of what might just be the world’s first six-sided music video. It’s easily embeddable too - just hit the share button to embed on your own blog or website #nofun. (Oh, but it is fun). And a reminder that geeky technology powering the Cube means it’s best viewed in Chrome or on modern Android devices.

If you want to learn more about how this cool project came about, check out the behind-the-scenes video here.


“No fun” is available exclusively on Google Play for the next 48 hours. The Google Play catalogue has thousands of Australian artists from The Presets to The Preatures, and many more. You can access millions of tracks right now with a free 30 day trial.