Search recent additions, sorted by date

Over the years, we’ve added several Scholar features to help researchers keep up with recent publications --  customized ranking for recent articles, email alerts and following author profiles. As the next step in this endeavor, today we are making it possible for you to search just the recent additions to the index. The search results are presented in date order, most recently added articles appearing first. To help you decide how far back you would like to scan, each search result indicates how long ago the article was added to the index.

To search recent additions, enter a search query as you normally do, and then click on “Recent additions” in the sidebar of the results page.

You can choose to search over just the abstracts (the common case) or entire articles. Our experience indicates that for search results presented in date order, searching over abstracts often allows you to find the key recent articles quickly.

Posted by: Anurag Acharya, Distinguished Engineer