Romeo, Juliet and Google Australia

Join us for the culmination of our stunningly successful week of celebrations for William Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday.

The festivities in our week long celebration of Shakespeare's 450th Birthday between Google Australia and Bell Shakespeare has delivered some highly entertaining and informative events, including a live acting workshop based on Hamlet, a Hangout in History with Shakespeare and his contemporaries and an interview with Lily Cole, to name but a few.  You can see all the events here.

On Friday you can actually join us in performing live on a Hangout On Air a scene from Romeo & Juliet – everyone gets the chance to utter a line – you can find the details here on how to join.

Shakespeare himself travelled with his troupe of actors, taking his plays to the masses.  We think he would be delighted to see his work broadcast all over the world on screens large and small, and just as interactive as it was in his own day!

This partnership is thus carrying on a time-honoured tradition.

Bell Shakespeare tours all over Australia playing in theatres, schools and all sorts of communities. Each year we reach over 165,000 people, our education program alone reaches 80,000 students but, using the new technologies available, that figure can expand dramatically.

For the last 24 years our mission has been to make Shakespeare and other great classics available to all Australians...Thank you Google Australia for helping us to realise that vision.

John Bell, AO
Co-Artistic Director
Bell Shakespeare