Register now for the Fall 2016 AdWords API Workshops!

We’re excited to announce that the AdWords API Workshops are back this Fall, and global registration is now open. Visit the workshop website to register:

Choose a location and type of event that works best for you. Once you register, we'll send you an email confirmation.

The types of workshops this Fall are:
  • The Technical workshops are for experienced API users, and we are going to talk about advanced use cases on a very technical level.
  • The Business workshop covers use cases, automation, scaling, and tools. There will not be any deep technical content in this workshop, so anyone can attend.
We’ll be covering everything from what’s new in each of the releases to how to better utilize the API.

If you have any questions about the AdWords API Workshops, you can post them on our forum. Check out our Google+ page for Ads API updates.