Puparazzi alert: Tips for your pet photos

If you’re a pet owner, you've probably taken countless photos of your pooch. Here are a few pet-tential ways you can celebrate your pets with Google Photos:

Identify popular breeds with Google Lens

Recently, we made Google Lens preview available in Google Photos across Android and iOS. Now, when you take a photo of an animal—like a cute cat or dog—you can use Lens to help identify its breed and get more information.
Create a movie dedicated to your furry friend

Your pet may have a leading role in your life, but it’s time to show the rest of the world that your animal is a star. If your pet is ready for a big screen debut, open your Google Photos app, go to the Assistant tab, and click on the movie button. Then, if available, choose the Meow Movie or Doggie Movie option, select your pet, and we’ll compile the best photos of your four-legged pal into a movie, set to pet-themed music.

Label your pet to easily find photos of them
In most countries, you can label your cats and dogs so that you can search to quickly find photos of them. Or even better, you can find photos of that one time you dressed them up for Halloween by searching “Oliver hat” or pictures of them in the park by searching “Oliver park.”

Search by breed and emoji

Speaking of fast ways to find photos of your pets, you can also search by breed, species, or emoji — try  or – or quickly search “pitbull” to rediscover photos of your sister’s cute canine.

Howevfur you pampurr your pets, we hope you can try out a few of the features that Google Photos has to off-fur.