Plan your March Break with events in Search

If you’re on the hunt for activities to fill your winter - or March Break - calendar, we’re making it even easier to find events in Search.

Starting today, when you search on your phone for things like “events near me” or “concerts” in Canada, you’ll not only find a list of events from a variety of sites, but also key information about the event, right on Search!

Tap on any event you’re interested in and you’ll get an overview of things like time, location, ticketing providers, and other information that will help you decide whether to attend. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can follow the links to buy tickets from the provider of your choice. If you’re still deciding, you can head to the event webpages for more information. Save events or share them with others and plan as you go.

To discover events based on your interests, you can tap the “For You” tab to get personalized ideas for things to do near you. You’ll see trending and popular events in your area to keep you in the loop on the hottest happenings. And you’ll find events from across the web--from meetup and concert sites to individual event listings from organizations and brands you love.

If you’re an event provider, follow these guidelines to mark up your event listings to appear in this experience and ensure your events are discoverable.

Try it out today to find the perfect dog meetup, local festival or must-see event to keep the kids busy over March Break!