Pelican Water System Sees 130% Higher ROI with Google Analytics

This post was contributed by Michael Loban, CMO at InfroTrust, a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

For many years, Pelican Water Systems has catered to the needs of people by providing them with safer, cleaner, and improved water for their homes. Pelican Water Systems sells their water purification systems via their website and via a call center. However, the company was unable to tie online marketing channels to the offline sales placed via a call center. They lacked a complete picture of the customer journey. That’s when they turned to InfroTrust, a Google Analytics Certified Partner that specializes in the system integration and Omni-channel analytics.

Together, Pelican Water Systems and InfoTrust implemented Google Analytics to enhance the sales attribution and probe deeper into the shopping styles of customers. The main challenge that the two noticed was that some customers would see online ads and purchase online, while others would call customer service representatives to complete their orders (offline). Compared to the online campaigns, 0% of the offline sales were attributed to online marketing campaigns.

To address this, InfoTrust used the Google Analytics User ID feature. A unique User ID is carried across Google Analytics, DialogTech and to identify online visitors and associate their online and offline activity. The Measurement Protocol was used to upload all offline order information (e.g. products sold, revenue, tax, etc) to Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics, Pelican Water Systems got better reports to understand which of their orders offline were being generated by marketing campaigns online. This lead to the discovery that up to 15% of overall conversions placed offline were influenced by different AdWords campaigns. With this discovery, Pelican Water Systems now has the ability to budget and plan its campaigns accurately.
“Offline transactions which had 0% visibility and were dependent solely on inaccurate or incorrect customer feedback are now fully attributable to their proper marketing channel. This allows us to make quick, smart decisions on trends across all forms of marketing, both online and offline, and how consumers jump from desktop to mobile and office computers.”  — Robert Prentice, Director of Marketing & Product Development, Pelican Water Systems.
To learn more about InfoTrust and Pelican Water Systems work together to achieve these results, download the full case study.

Posted by Daniel Waisberg, Analytics Advocate, and Pratik Mungasuvalli, Account Manager