Onboarding for local inventory ads via the Content API for Shopping

Today, we're announcing the ability to configure your local inventory ads (LIA) settings and link Google My Business (GMB) accounts via the Content API for Shopping. This allows you to onboard accounts for LIA programmatically, instead of needing to manually configure each account separately via the Merchant Center website.

The new Liasettings service lets you perform the following actions via the Content API: In addition, the new googleMyBusinessLink field in the Accounts resource states which business account should be linked. After setting this field, you can provide inventory information for the locations in that business account by uploading product and inventory information either through local product feeds and local product inventory feeds or through the Content API for Shopping with the channel field set to "local".

If you have any questions or feedback about these new features or any other questions about the Content API for Shopping, please let us know on the forum.