New Google Ads scripts experience

Today we’re launching the full version of the new Google Ads scripts experience. The beta has been running since June of last year, and now the final batch of features to match the functionality of legacy scripts has been released.

Starting soon, all new scripts will default to the new scripts experience, although you can still disable it on a script by script basis if necessary. Existing scripts won't be affected until September of 2022. After that, we will migrate all scripts to the new experience. You should manually move your scripts over to the new experience before then to ensure continued functionality. We've tried to implement backwards compatibility, but we can't guarantee every script will work without changes, so definitely take some time to confirm yourself.

Here are some highlight features in the new experience:
  • Support for ES6, including let, classes, for..of loops, and more.
  • Improved throughput, meaning you can process more entities in the same amount of time. We've also removed the entity limits on processing, although time limits remain in place.
  • Support for new asset-based extensions.
  • Enhanced bidding strategy support.
The following features are added in this release:
  • Manager account scripts
  • Bulk upload
  • Video campaigns
See the updated Google Ads scripts site for full information on the new experience, including migration information, performance improvements, and updated best practices. This replaces the documentation for the legacy scripts experience, but if you must reference that we will preserve it at a new location until the legacy scripts sunset:

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new experience, please leave a post on our forum so that we can help.