Neighbourhood Sounds of Australia, Now Playing on YouTube Music

“For us music is the pinnacle art form, it’s immediate, emotive, therapeutic and nurturing. It transcends language barriers to wrench emotion from the hearts and minds of otherwise disparate peoples. It is magic without smoke and mirrors.” - Quincy McLean, Abbotsford local, and co-owner of Bakehouse Studios and founder of Save Live Australia's Music 
To celebrate the distinct sounds from various parts of Australia, YouTube Music has teamed up with local heroes across the country to capture their Neighbourhood Sounds - the music at the heart of their communities.
13 curators from across Australia have taken on the challenge of handpicking the unique sounds of their suburb, with the playlists now on YouTube Music - a music streaming service built on top of all the music on YouTube that you can’t find anywhere else, personalised and all simply organised in one app and web player.

“I think music is an important part of everyone’s culture. It affects and connects mood and reflects the personality of a community.” - Brenda Miley, Bondi local, and Competition Director at Bondi Girls Surf Riders, and Founder and Director of Let’s Go Surfing 
These new playlists contain over 34 hours of songs, with more than 80 per cent from Aussie artists, and feature official tracks, live recordings, covers and remixes.
From Windsor, Abbotsford, Newtown, Bondi, Fremantle, Salamanca or Alice Springs, there is a unique beat that pulses through communities that both locals and travellers can recognise, and now listen to.

“There are a lot of amazing artists who pass through our neighbourhood. Most of them leave a mark with a song, a picture or a performance that will go down in history.” - Clint Hyndman from Windsor, drummer/musician and owner of Yellow Bird Cafe 

“Our playlist focuses on local, contemporary artists who are all actively creating relevant work that expresses our times and resonates with our people…. I want them [listeners] to feel immersed, comforted embraced, sometimes challenged and others enchanted as they walk the streets of our neighbourhood.” - Helen Marcou, Abbotsford local, and co-owner of Bakehouse Studios and founder of Save Live Australia's Music 
Search your neighbourhood in YouTube Music to find your local sounds or create your own playlist that represents your ‘hood.
(Listen to the sounds of Abbotsford, Adelaide City, Alice Springs, Bondi, Byron Bay, Canberra, Fremantle, The Gardens, Morningside, Newtown, Salamanca, Windsor and Wollongong now.)