More than just a way to pay: the new Google Pay app arrives Down Under

Fast, simple checkout. Easy access to rewards and offers. One spot for purchases, passes, and payment methods. All of these are ways we’ve been working to make paying safer and easier for everyone, everywhere. And you can make the most of these features with the new Google Pay app for Android. 

The app, which begins rolling out today, is just one part of everything we’ve got planned. We’re currently working on bringing Google Pay to all Google products, so whether you’re shopping on Chrome or with your Assistant, you’ll have a consistent checkout experience using the cards saved to your Google Account. We’re also working with partners online and in stores, so you’ll see Google Pay on sites, in apps, and at your favourite places around the world. 

As we continue to expand to even more devices and services, the new app offers an exciting glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s a closer look.

Helpful info while you shop 

Google Pay’s new “Home” tab gives you the info you need, right when you need it. See your recent purchases, find nearby stores, and enjoy easy access to rewards. 

A new spot for your stuff 

The “Cards” tab is an easy way to keep everything you need at checkout organized and at the ready. From credit and debit cards to loyalty programs, offers, and even that stack of gift cards from last year’s birthday, you’ll never miss a chance to save with Google Pay. 

A faster way to pay your fare in London (and others soon)

Use Google Pay on transit when you travel in London (with more cities soon), and stop worrying about your pass once and for all. Now all you need at the turnstile is the device that’s already in your hand. 

Google security and encryption 

Like all Google products, Google Pay comes with strong security protections at its core to safeguard your account and personal data from security threats. In other words, it’s got your back. 

All your favourite features 

Longtime Android Pay fans, fear not: the features you love aren’t going away. You’ll still get all your bank’s perks and protections, plus an extra layer of security, since Google Pay doesn’t share your actual card number when you pay in stores. And those online forms that take forever to fill out? Just choose Google Pay at checkout and pay with a few quick clicks instead. 

We’ll continuously be working to bring you new features in the app. For instance, if you live in the US or the UK, you’ll be able to use it to send and request money within the next few months. In the meantime, the Wallet app is now called Google Pay Send, and we’ve given it a fresh coat of paint to go with the Google Pay brand.

And if you’re a developer or business owner interested in accepting Google Pay, you’ll find all the tools you need on our developer site — or you can work with Shopify to make integration even easier.

To use Google Pay you’ll need to download the Google Pay app on Google Play, and have an eligible Mastercard, Visa, American Express or eftpos card from one of more than 50 supported banks and credit unions including ANZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Westpac. More banks are being added all the time.

Ready to try the Google Pay app? Get it on Google Play today

Posted by Gerardo Capiel Product Management Director, Consumer Payments and Varouj Chitilian Engineering Director, Consumer Payments