Migrate from MutateJobService to BatchJobService before v201509 sunsets

What do I need to do now?

AdWords API versions after v201509 will no longer support MutateJobService. Migrate to BatchJobService, introduced in v201509, as soon as you can. For sunset dates, check out our Deprecation Schedule.

What’s new?

BatchJobService supports all of the same operations as MutateJobService. Plus, we’ve provided some improvements:
  • Creation of dependent objects using temporary IDs
    • For example, you can create an entire campaign including ad groups and criteria in one job.
  • Improved performance
  • Better error reporting
    • If some operations failed, the errors returned by BatchJobService are correlated with those operations, making it easier to understand what went wrong.
    • If the service was unable to process any operations, it returns a detailed list of errors.
  • Higher limit on the number of operations per job
    • BatchJobService supports potentially hundreds of thousands of operations.
    • MutateJobService only supported thousands of operations.
Check out our Batch Processing guide for more details on these new features.

How do I migrate?

Thanks to the new utilities we’ve created in our client libraries, migration will be a simple process of passing in your existing operations to the BatchJobService rather than the MutateJobService.

Our guide has a section on Migrating from MutateJobService. Each of our client libraries have code examples that include utilities for the BatchJobService. The utilities in each of the client libraries do all of the heavy lifting for you, which will simplify your code and make the transition easier.

Where can I learn more?

If you missed our Fall 2015 workshops, we have a BatchJobService video with accompanying slides available on our AdWords API Workshop site.

Questions? Visit us on the AdWords API Forum or our Google+ page.