Long Term Support Channel Update

LTS-96 has been updated in the LTS channel to 96.0.4664.207 (Platform Version: 14268.82.0) for most ChromeOS devices. Want to know more about Long-term Support? Click here

This update contains multiple Security fixes, including:

1311701  High  CVE-2022-1312 Security: UAF in DumpDatabaseHandler

1283050  High  CVE-2022-1308 Heap-use-after-free in RenderViewHostImpl::ActivatePrerenderedPage

1310717  High  CVE-2022-1311 Use-after-Free on crostini::CrostiniExportImport::OpenFileDialog

1292261  High  CVE-2022-1125 Security: Heap-use-after-free in BrowserList::AddBrowser

1268541  Medium  CVE-2022-1139 Security: Another Cross-Origin Response Size Leak Via BackgroundFetch

1315901  High  CVE-2022-1364 Security: [day 0] JIT optimization issue

Giuliana Pritchard

Google Chrome OS