Long Term Support Candidate Channel for ChromeOS

A new LTS Candidate, LTC- 102.0.5005.177 (Platform Version: 14695.128.0),  is rolling out for most ChromeOS devices. Release notes for LTC-102 can be found here. Want to know more about Long-term Support? Click here

This update includes the following Security fixes:

1327087HighCVE-2022-2296Use after free in Chrome OS Shell
1343348HighCVE-2022-3039Use after free in WebSQL
1329794HighCVE-2022-2998Use after free in Browser Creation
1286203HighCVE-2022-2607Use after free in WebUI
1330489HighCVE-2022-2606Use after free in Managed devices API
1338553HighCVE-2022-3042Use after free in PhoneHub
1338560HighCVE-2022-2609Use after free in NearbyShare
1358134HighCVE-2022-3075Insufficient data validation in Mojo
1346245HighCVE-2022-3046Use after free in Browser Tag
1338135HighCVE-2022-2857Use after free in Blink
1323449MediumCVE-2022-2621Use after free in Extensions
1345193MediumCVE-2022-2860Insufficient policy enforcement in Cookies.
1346236MediumCVE-2022-2861Inappropriate implementation in Extensions API
1341907MediumCVE-2022-2614Use after free in Sign-In Flow
1339745MediumCVE-2022-2624Heap buffer overflow in PDF
1321350MediumCVE-2022-2612Side-channel information leakage in Keyboard input
1268580MediumCVE-2022-2615Insufficient policy enforcement in Cookies.
1292451MediumCVE-2022-2617Use after free in Extensions API
1337304MediumCVE-2022-2620Use after free in WebUI
1338412MediumCVE-2022-2859Use after free in Chrome OS Shell

Giuliana Pritchard
Google Chrome OS