It takes a teacher: calling Aussie teachers

Everyone has a story about a teacher who changed the course of their lives. Teachers play an important role in preparing young people for the world and an understanding of technology, and how this can integrate into learning, is a big part of this.

So on 3 December, we are saying thank you to this group of amazing professionals with Education on Air: a free, online, around-the-clock global conference for teachers to share and learn from educators around the world. This year, we’re kicking off in Australia.

Education on Air will bring together leaders in education, like the 27th Prime Minister of Australia and Chairwoman of the Global Partnership for Education, Hon Julia Gillard; education researcher Dr John Hattie; and futurist Mark McCrindle to discuss curriculum and best practices covering some of the most pressing challenges facing teachers today. We’ll also share teacher impact stories and encourage teachers to learn from and connect with a global community.

We cannot wait to celebrate and empower the community that influences our future the most. We hope you’ll join us for Education on Air and join the #ItTakesATeacher movement.