Introducing Display & Video 360 API v1

Today we’re releasing the Display & Video 360 API v1. It offers a new, improved way to interact with your Display & Video 360 resources programmatically.

This initial API release includes new asynchronous Structured Data File (SDF) download functionality. This allows for the generation and downloading of large SDFs without worrying about individual API requests timing out. This is a change compared to the existing DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) API SDF Download service. Along with this change, other major changes include:
  • New default version logic that utilizes the default version of the partner or advertiser specified by the user.
  • New filter capabilities, including the ability to specify the exact resources to include in the generated files.
  • New response format that returns the generated SDFs as a .zip file to download, rather than JSON.

The Display Video 360 API SDF Download service will be replacing the DBM API SDF Download service. The deprecation of that service will be announced soon, and an immediate migration to the new API is advised. You can get started setting up the Display & Video 360 API here, and downloading Structured Data Files here.

More functionality will be coming to the Display & Video 360 API in the coming months, including line item management and targeting. Keep an eye out for future announcements!