Inspiring tomorrow’s innovators

At Google we’re always asking ourselves the question: What’s next?

Today, in partnership with Refraction Media, we’re helping to provide inspiration to students across Australia through the Careers with Code guide to show them what’s next in the future world of work and study and how to get there.

Computational thinking and computer science are necessary skills to prepare students for the jobs of today and tomorrow - from health to sustainability, agriculture to fashion.

At Google we talk about “Computer Science (CS) + X” as a driver of innovation and creativity, where X is the problem you are trying to solve, your passion or any other discipline.

You’ll find CS + X in every industry, creating breakthrough innovations like smart contact lenses to monitor blood glucose in real time alerts to your phone.

Throughout this guide you’ll find individuals from every walk of life combining CS + X to innovate and bring creative solutions to the world. People like Dr Cheryl McCarthy combining CS + Agriculture to design automated weed control systems and spot spray them, Bel Teh combining CS + Fashion at startup Shoes of Prey a global startup from Australia, and Olivier Salvado combining CS + Health to develop technology that can detect Alzheimer's up to 30 years before symptoms appear and help manage the disease.
Sofie Claridge, 14, and Crystal D'mello, 15, of Kapiti College's Girls' Coding Club with wearable tech at the launch of Careers with Code in New Zealand.
Careers with Code, a magazine, digital e-zine and website, shows high school students the wide variety of careers that computer science can lead to. We encourage you to share this resource with the widest possible audience of students, teachers and parents - it’s not just for the tech, science or maths classes!

Help us start the conversation about the careers of the future with your community, and inspire the next generation to change the world.