Image and Location Auto-migration August 2023

What’s changing?

Beginning on August 2, 2023, we will start auto-migrating image and location extensions to assets. The auto-migration will end on September 30, 2023.

Once the image and location extensions have been migrated to assets, you won’t be able to mutate the image and location extensions. The image and location assets will be the entities that are served. Metrics for the extensions will be available until sometime in 2024.

Why is this changing?

Extensions are migrating to assets.

What do I need to do?

Upgrade to version v13 or greater of the Google Ads API since v12 will sunset at the end of September 2023. We recommend that you upgrade to v14.

The auto-migration will not keep a mapping of feed IDs to asset IDs. If you would like to keep a record of feed ID to asset ID mappings, create a new asset image or location based on your feed, and save that ID mapping locally.

Can I opt-out of the auto-migration?

No. We offered an opt-out for the first batch of auto-migration, but you can’t opt out of this auto-migration.

How will the migrations occur?

The migrations occur at an account level. During the migration of an account, which will take several minutes, you won’t be able to execute any image or location mutations of either extensions or assets. When the migration is complete, you will have access to the assets.

The image and location migrations are not synchronized. It is likely they will occur at different times for each account.

How do I know when an account has been migrated?

Use the following fields from v13 or greater in the Customer resource to track the status of the migration:

  • bool image_asset_auto_migration_done
  • string image_asset_auto_migration_done_date_time
  • bool location_asset_auto_migration_done
  • string location_asset_auto_migration_done_date_time

If you are using v12, you can instead consult the UI and you will see an alert once your account has been migrated.

What happens after the auto-migration?

Accounts that have been migrated will reject mutate calls for feed-based entities.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on the forum.