Google Play Developer API new fields for In-app Billing information

Posted by Neto Marin, Developer Advocate

We'd like to share with you some good news about an improvement in the data available via the Google Play Developer API. Starting Monday Aug 28, the API for Purchases.productsand Purchases.subscriptionswill be returning a couple of new values:

  • orderId
    • To be returned via both products and subscriptions API
      • For Purchases, this will be the order id present in the purchase.
      • For subscriptions, this will be the orderId associated with the most recent recurring order id.
  • New subscription cancelReason: 2. Subscription replaced
    • Will be returned for subscriptions which were canceled due to the user changing subscription plans (e.g. upgrading to a new subscription plan).

This additional data will be automatically returned to you in the JSON responses to your API calls. Please double check your integration to make sure this new field and value will not cause any problems for you.

To view all of the values returned by the APIs, check Purchases.productsand Purchases.subscriptionsreference pages.