Google Earth Live: invites you to hang out with Alaskan Brown Bears

Watch bears at Brooks Falls LIVE in Google Earth.

Spring comes quickly to Alaska. The snowpack melts, rivers swell with crisp water, delicate blue forget-me-nots bloom near the water’s edge, and brown bears emerge from a six or seven  month hibernation in the Katmai National Park. On their annual migration from the ocean to their spawning grounds, sockeye salmon rush up the Brooks River until they meet the falls. Waiting for them there are the bears, who eagerly paw the air, striking for some fresh protein as they jump out of the water.

Beginning today, we’re bringing live content to Google Earth’s storytelling platform, Voyager. In a story by you can journey into Katmai National Park — watch the hungry bears dine out at Brooks Falls or salmon darting towards the underwater livecam.

Hear a personal perspective from the founder of, Charles Annenberg, in which he shares his motivations for putting the livecam network together, including the Katmai bear livecams.

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