Everything you need to power your digital advertising business

Every publisher has a unique business model, competitive advantage, and value proposition for their users. Because of this, we built Google Ad Manager to be feature-rich and flexible. From live streaming on connected TVs to rewarded ads in your apps, the Ad Manager platform offers all of the functionality and tools you need to power your digital advertising business.

With Ad Manager, you can manage all of your direct and indirect advertiser demand in one place, deploy a wide variety of engaging ad formats, and access and implement machine learning-generated forecasting, insights, and optimization recommendations. You can even integrate other advertising technology providers in the platform—should you choose to use them. 

Most importantly, we help you protect the value of your inventory by investing in defenses against ad fraud, developing ad monitoring tools, and supporting industry initiatives that help address bad ads for everyone in the ecosystem.

Earn more with Ad Manager  

Over the coming weeks we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts exploring several of Ad Manager’s key features and how they help our publisher partners maximize their ad revenue. Here’s what we’ll cover in the series:

  • Post 1: Earn more from your ads
  • Post 2: Safeguard your advertising business
  • Post 3: Deliver the best ad experience every time
  • Post 4: Use insights to make better business decisions

We hope this series sparks new ideas for how Ad Manager can help you continue to grow your ads business. In the meantime, visit the resources section of our site to learn more about what Ad Manager can do.