Elizabeth Rose’s new interactive music video lets you to play with her emotions

From face-morphing technology in Michael Jackson’s Black Or White to treadmill dancing in Ok Go’s Here It Goes Again, music artists have always been on the hunt for creative ways to tell their story.

The art of the music video was born on MTV (and the diehards among us still love watching the classics on Rage at late night house parties). Later on, with the arrival of YouTube and mobile, everyone could watch their favourite music videos wherever and whenever they wanted. Today, mobile technology is helping artists stretch the limits of what’s possible even further by inviting their audience to interact with and manipulate their work.

Aussie artist Elizabeth Rose loves it when fans remix and play with her music. So, to celebrate the launch of her new single ‘Playing With Fire’, we got together with her to explore “what if fans could actually play with Playing with Fire, as well?”
The idea for a mobile interactive music video was born. The song is about the crazy range of emotions you feel in a relationship. By tapping, swiping and tilting your phone during the video, you can mess with her emotions, make her cry and even slice her in half.

Check out her new album ‘Intra’, which you can listen to for free with a Google Play Music trial.