Discover Europe’s hidden gems with Google Maps and the Financial Times

We’re always trying to build technology that helps people access and explore the world around them, from the Liwa desert to a tucked-away restaurant in Playa Carmen. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with the Financial Times called Hidden Cities. Hidden Cities is a FT Weekend series that combines Google technology with FT journalism. It allows readers to discover places to eat, drink, and shop in the world’s political and cultural capitals, and easily explore them using Google Maps.
We’re kicking off the series by showcasing gems off the beaten path in Brussels. Readers can expect lots of beer and chocolate recommendations from local tastemakers and FT journalists alike - including picks from master chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, brewery chief Jean Van Roy, and the FT Bureau staff past and present.
You can check out the online experience at and this weekend’s FT Weekend Magazine. Look out for the next Hidden Cities installment in November, which will take users under the surface of another European capital - London.

Posted by Molly Welch, Product Marketing Manager