#Deutschland25 – a new generation after the Berlin Wall

Today, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the brave people who tore down the Iron Curtain. Courtesy of the German Federal Archives, we have produced a special Doodle featuring unique photos from Berlin in 1989. Berlin composer Nils Frahm created the music.

We also have launched a platform called #Deutschland25. It shares the stories of 25 extraordinary personalities who were born in Germany around 1989. Julia and Natalie come from Leipzig, the city which saw peaceful demonstrations spark the movement to bring down East German communism. These young women started Code Girls, helping young women feel comfortable to learn programming.

Philipp from Berlin helps children with his skateboarding culture, while Lisa and Christian from Munich launched Hemdless, creating shirts for people with Down’s syndrome. “The stories tell of a generation who have so many great ideas which have already been put into action," says director Bettina Blümner.

These young Germans embrace change and stand for openness, sustainability and tolerance. We at Google share these values. By making these stories accessible online, we hope to spark a conversation, allowing anybody to participate in creating our interactive portrait of today's Germany.