DCM display ads go 100% HTML5 on January 2, 2017

As you've probably heard, DCM will stop serving Flash display ads on January 2nd, 2017. This is part of a wider initiative to go 100% HTML5, which you can learn more about in the DCM help center.

What does this mean for DCM/DFA Reporting and Trafficking API users?

Beginning on January 2, 2017, the following changes will take effect:

  1. Flash uploads will be disabled in API v2.5. Beginning with v2.6, the DCM API stopped supporting uploads of Flash assets and prevented users from creating new Flash In-page creatives. These same restrictions will be applied to v2.5.
  2. Active Flash creatives with no HTML5 equivalent will be deactivated. Existing creatives that have not been converted to HTML5 will have their active field set to FALSE. Users will not be allowed to reactivate these creatives.

What can API users do to prepare?

Users are strongly encouraged to review their active creatives and take immediate action to replace those that will be affected by this change. We've created code samples in Java and Python to help API users identify creatives in their accounts that will be deactivated if no action is taken. See this article for links to tools to help you transition your creatives to HTML5.

Users of DCM API v2.5 are also encouraged to begin migrating to a newer API version immediately. Be aware that this version is already scheduled to sunset on February 28th, 2017.

Questions about this or anything else DCM API related? Contact us via our support forum.