Data Studio: Now create apps, big screen, and docs experiences

Our vision for Data Studio is to give report creators full control over the viewer experience. Today we’ve added a number of report properties that enable you to create apps, big screen, and document experiences.

App Experience: Auto-hide header, no-margins, left hand nav
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Big Screen Experience: Auto-hide header, no-margins, 16:9 aspect ratio
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 Document Experience: Fixed header, margins, custom canvas length
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Specifically we’ve added a number of new report properties giving you the ability to control:

  • The visibility of the report header 
  • Using a top or left hand navigation control 
  • Whether to show margins 
  • The height and width of the canvas 
We’ve enabled these features on all reports. To use them, just open or create a new report, unselect all components, and you will see these new report properties.

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To learn more read the report layout options article in our help center.

We’re excited to see how creators will customize their reports using these features. Let us know how they work for you in the comments.

Post By Nick Mihailovski, Product Manager Data Studio