Change in the maximum number of mutate operations per request for BatchJobService.AddBatchJobOperations

On June 30, 2022, we’ll limit the number of mutate operations that can be sent to BatchJobService.AddBatchJobOperations to 5,000 mutate operations per request. After this change rolls out, any AddBatchJobOperations requests that contain more than 5,000 mutate operations will result in a SizeLimitError.REQUEST_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error.

Note that this will not change the total number of operations you are allowed to add to a BatchJob. It only changes the number of operations you can add to a BatchJob in a single AddBatchJobOperations request.

What do you need to do?
  • Ensure that your code doesn’t send more than 5,000 mutate operations per AddBatchJobOperations request to the Google Ads API.
  • In rare cases, you may still encounter the SizeLimitError.REQUEST_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error due to the total size of the request payload, even when you send a request with fewer than 5,000 mutate operations. Therefore, your code should retry the request with half the number of mutate operations until it succeeds. For instance, if 5,000 mutate operations fail, try 2,500 mutate operations. If 2,500 mutate operations fail, try 1,250 mutate operations, and so on.
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