Call Ads Replace Call Only Ads in the Google Ads API

In the Google Ads API v8, Call Only Ads are replaced by Call Ads. You can still create Call Only Ads in the AdWords API v201809 and the Google Ads API v6 and v7, but we encourage you to use v8 to create new Call Ads.

Call Only Ads will continue to serve until the AdWords API Sunset on 27 April 2022.

Prior to v8, Call Only Ads only offered users the ability to call. Users and advertisers have said they want the ability to go directly to the website from these ads. The addition of the final URL in Call Ads enables advertisers to use calls as the primary (i.e. headline) action, while still providing users with a means to visit an advertiser’s website prior to or instead of calling.

What you need to do
  • Use the ad type CallAd instead of CallOnlyAd to create new Call Ads.
  • Filter on ad.type = 'CALL_AD' to retrieve information for existing ads regardless of what ad.type was used to create the ad. For example, using the Google Ads API to query

    FROM ad_group_ad
    will return ads created as CALL_ONLY_AD and CALL_AD.
What has changed
Fields added This is where you specify the URL of your website.
path1 First part of text that may appear appended to the url displayed in the ad.
path2 Second part of text that may appear appended to the url displayed in the ad. This field can only be set when path1 is set.
Field removed
ad.display_url We removed the display_url for Call Only Ads.
The URL that will be displayed alongside your
ad will now be based on
if provided, or phone_number_verification_url
if is blank, as well
any additional text you specify in path1 and path2.
Field verification
phone_number_verification_url This field is now required if is empty.

AdWords API Reporting: There is no change in the AdWords API.

Google Ads API Reporting: In the Google Ads API you can include these new fields in your queries
Where to get help
If you have questions about Call Ads, please reach out to us on the forum or at [email protected].