Book a Security Checkup for Safer Internet Day

Security is a top priority for Google; we’ve always believed that using the safest products while staying informed about online threats, is the best way to avoid dangerous situations online.  We have a wide variety of protections in place — from Safe Browsing, which protects more than one billion Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users, to automatic Chrome updates, to research reveal Gmail account hijackers' playbooks, and more.

Google works around the clock to keep you safe, but we want to enable you to control your security settings as well.  Today, for Safer Internet Day, we’ve refreshed Security Checkup, an easy way for anyone with a Google account to review and manage their personal security settings.

Here are some important security items you’ll review during your Security Checkup:

  • Recovery Information: Adding a phone number can help us get in touch if you’re ever locked out of your account.  We will only use your phone number to protect your account, unless you say otherwise.

  • Recent Activity: This is a quick overview of your recent sign-ins to Google.  If you see any activity from a location or device you don’t recognise, please take action and change your password immediately.

  • Account Permissions: These are the apps and services with access to your Google account.  Give them a look—yes, even that old phone and the dusty app you never use—and make sure you use and trust all of the apps you’ve connected.

It takes just a few minutes to make sure your information is accurate and up to date.  Go to and get your Security Checkup, today.

If you have young children, we also encourage your to sign-up for the new eSmart Digital Licence from The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Designed to take ten-year-olds through an interactive course on being responsible digital citizens, a $1.2 million Google grant to the Foundation means every six year student in Australia can now receive a licence at no cost. To find out more, visit
Posted by Samantha Yorke, Public Policy and Government Affairs Manager, Google Australia