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Introducing the world’s first laptops built for cloud gaming

Chromebooks have always been known for being fast, secure and easy-to-use devices. Since their launch more than a decade ago, we’ve improved their capabilities and expanded the variety of devices for people to choose.

Today, we’re taking that effort a step further, by introducing the world’s first laptops built for cloud gaming along with our partners Acer, ASUS and Lenovo. These new Chromebooks bring together gaming hardware features, access to the latest games with cutting edge graphics through the cloud, and software designed to make gaming fast and easy.

A lineup of gaming Chromebooks, powered by the cloud

We are announcing three new Chromebooks today: Acer Chromebook 516 GE, ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX55 Flip and Ideapad Gaming Chromebook from Lenovo. These laptops come loaded with features that are great for gaming, including 120Hz+ high resolution screens for crystal clear visuals, RGB gaming keyboards (on select models) with anti-ghosting capabilities for added speed and excitement, WiFi 6 or 6E for seamless connectivity and immersive audio to draw you into your game.

All cloud gaming Chromebooks have been independently tested and verified by leading game performance measurement platform, GameBench, to consistently deliver a smooth, responsive gaming experience with 120 frames per second and console-class input latency of under 85ms1.

Adding more games and capabilities to Chromebooks

We’ve teamed up with NVIDIA to bring support for GeForce NOW’s highest performance RTX 3080 tier to cloud gaming Chromebooks, so you can stream titles like Fortnite, Cyberpunk 2077, Crysis 3 Remastered and more at up to 1600p resolution and 120 frames per second, taking full advantage of the 120Hz+ high-resolution displays.

The RTX 3080 membership also boosts your gameplay with features like ray tracing, which simulates how light behaves in the real world to make visuals hyper-realistic. The GeForce NOW app will come preinstalled on gaming Chromebooks, so getting to your favorite game will be even easier.

We’ve also worked with Microsoft to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) to Chromebook through an installable web app. You can access and install this app by visiting Xbox brings a library of hundreds of games including Forza Horizon 5, Grounded and Microsoft Flight Simulator, accessible through an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Easy access to more than 1500 PC and console games

Chromebooks will now support three leading cloud gaming platforms — Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Amazon Luna2 — bringing with them full PC and console games straight from the cloud.

Plus, the new cloud gaming Chromebooks make it easier than ever for gamers to find the games they love and start playing them in an instant. Just tap the Everything button, find your game on your platform of choice, then launch the game. No installs. No downloads. No hassle.

Search for games on NVIDIChromebook screen animation that shows someone clicking the launcher button, searching for Destiny 2 and launching the game on NVIDIA GeForce NOW

A GeForce NOW and Google Play using the Chromebook’s Everything Button (3)

This search functionality will include games on NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Google Play at launch. We are seeking to include other cloud gaming platforms in the future.

Level up your gaming experience with new accessories

We know gamers love to enhance their gaming experience with accessories, so we’re partnering with leading peripheral manufacturers like Acer, Corsair, HyperX, Lenovo and SteelSeries to ensure their popular mice, headsets and controllers are tested and certified as part of the Works With Chromebook program.

Headset, wireless mouse and controller resting next to each other on a surface with a “Works With Chromebook” badge placed next to them.

From left to right: HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset, SteelSeries Rival 3 wireless mouse and SteelSeries Stratus+ controller, all of which are Works With Chromebook certified

Special offers to get you gaming

Cloud gaming Chromebooks will come with new offers that get you gaming right out of the box. New cloud gaming Chromebooks come with a three-month trial to Amazon Luna+ and NVIDIA GeForce NOW’s RTX3080 tier.4

With these offers, you can play nearly 200 of the 1500+ titles available on Chromebook at no cost, including games like Control Ultimate Edition, Overcooked 2, Fortnite and League of Legends.

Visit from your new cloud gaming Chromebook for more details on these offers.

The perfect flexible device for “undercover” gamers

As we launch the first Chromebooks designed for cloud gaming, we understand that, today, Chromebooks are not necessarily known for being gaming laptops. A lot of people know our devices best for productivity (work, school, documents, presentations and spreadsheets) or online streaming (movies, television and music videos).

But the new cloud gaming Chromebooks can actually be the perfect devices for gamers who aren’t always seen as gamers — “undercover” gamers, if you will. We’ve worked with actor Winston Duke, as well as Jackson State University head football coach Deion Sanders and his sons, Shilo and Shedeur, to show how easy it is to game on a Chromebook, while of course getting everything else done that you need to as well. It is the ultimate cloud gaming machine, disguised as a Chromebook.

Starting this October, you can order the new Acer Chromebook 516 GE, the ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX55 Flip and the Ideapad Gaming Chromebook from Lenovo. Learn more about these devices and their features by visiting


1Tested at 1080p when plugged in to power while playing Fortnite and Destiny 2 using early access test accounts on NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

2Luna is available in the mainland US only.

3Sequence sped up for illustrative purposes.

4Limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply.

Chromebook turns 10: Looking back and moving forward

10 years ago, computing was complicated. Slow boot times, clunky hardware and intrusive updates were the norm. Computers were invented before the internet, and they hadn’t fully caught up to how people were using the web. So Google set out to design something new. The idea was to create a cloud-first experience that was fast, secure and easy to use — with software that stays up-to-date, automatically. A computer that boots up in seconds, and stays fast over time. 

In 2011 we launched the first Chromebooks in partnership with Acer and Samsung. Today Chromebooks help millions of people stay connected while they work, study and stay entertained; this has never been more true than over the past year. As we celebrate the 10th birthday of Chromebook, we’re taking a look at how Chromebooks have evolved and where we’re headed.

For the past decade, we’ve stayed true to our original vision to make computing simpler and more accessible for everyone. Highlights include the Chromebook Pixel, the first Chromebook with a big, beautiful 3:2 touchscreen, which launched in 2013 and changed how people used their laptops. Then there was the first Chromebook with USB-C technology, introduced in 2015, enabling people to fast-transfer their data  and charge their device quickly — all by using what’s now the  universal standard. And in 2017 we launched Chromebooks with the Google-designed Titan C security chip to keep devices secure and protect user identity. 

Plus, Chromebooks for Education has continued to help teachers and students modernize the learning experience, and Chromebook Enterprise has made IT administration simpler for businesses. Our Google Admin console fundamentally changed how devices are controlled, making it easy to manage thousands of Chromebooks centrally. It helps administrators get their school or business up and running in no time, and removes the day-to-day pains of running IT in large organizations.

All along the way, we remained committed to making all Chromebooks faster and smarter automatically, with updates that run in the background every few weeks.

Today, we work with several important partners — Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, AMD, Intel, MediaTek, Qualcomm, among others — to make Chromebooks of all shapes and sizes, and collaborate with over 20 Works With Chromebook partners like Anker and Logitech on compatible accessories so you can get the most out of your Chromebook. And with apps from the web and the Google Play Store, you can get more things done, boost your creativity or simply find fun ways to pass the time. If gaming is your thing, Cloud gaming platforms like Stadia and GeForce NOW are available on your Chromebook.

Here’s to the next 10

I remember getting my first computer and using it for just a handful of basic tasks; typing things up in a word processor, doing simple math with its calculator, things like that. Fast forward to today, where we bounce from work to school to watching shows and chatting with friends and family.  We make all of these transitions across multiple devices — phones, tablets, laptops.  And unlike the past, people should have access to their data and a consistent experience across all these tools. So today, we’re celebrating the 10th birthday of Chromebook by launching a suite of features for Chromebook that lets people move between devices with ease, and tools that drastically improve your productivity. 

We are also continuing to make Chromebooks the best devices for teaching and learning, and to help businesses scale.

It's been 10 years, but this is still just the beginning. We’re continuing to find ways to make the Chromebook experience even more helpful for everyone. Examples include things like utilizing our artificial intelligence technology to help people proactively, integrating sensor technologies for more personalized experiences, expanding our portfolio of devices with cellular connectivity and working endlessly to make your devices work better together. 

Our vision for Chromebooks is to keep helping people get things done and to provide helpful and secure experiences. So here’s to the next 10 years of delivering an intelligent, powerfully simple computer for all.

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‘Twas four weeks before New Year’s, when all through the land,

Project Fi subscribers were chatting, Pixel or Nexus in hand

As they bustled about in their holiday scurry,

Multiple networks had them covered, there was no need to worry

With data credits racked up, bills charged very rationally,

There’s savings to fill stockings and take trips with Fi internationally.

From hot chocolate to ice skating, joyous time with their clans,

They looked forward to bonding — and maybe a new member for their group plans!

But before the celebrations begin, with friends far and near, 

Fi would like to say thanks, and help spread the cheer:

Four wonderlands scattered with treats and surprises, 

Holiday fun for Fi subscribers, of all shapes and all sizes.

Enjoy this small gift, wrapped under the tree,

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