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From clipping to clicking – new research looks at the future of coupons

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For a generation, clip-and-save coupons in freestanding newspaper inserts (FSIs) were the norm for shoppers. But with the introduction of downloadable, print-at-home, and digital coupons in recent years, shoppers today have a whole new array of options to receive and redeem better, more relevant discount offers -- whether at home or on the go. Internet marketing research firm eMarketer estimates that mobile coupon users will grow to 53.2 million by 2014.

Zavers by Google, the digital coupon solution that delivers relevant discount offers to shoppers on their desktops and mobile devices, completed a study with Shopper Sciences to dive into the current state of couponing, the potential of digital and mobile couponing, and to provide guidance in developing a strategy for the future.  

The Zavers study found that while women and moms have traditionally been the typical coupon user, men are quickly catching up -- now representing about a third of all coupon users across all categories.

Millennials also signify an expanding segment of the digital coupon market. According to our research, Millennials are more likely to use a mobile device to receive a percentage-off discount than any other age group. Millennials are also more likely to embrace digital solutions that help them manage coupons and offers.

Finally, our studies revealed that more than 40% of shoppers have left a retail store without purchasing because they knew they left a coupon at home. 54% percent of shoppers said that the ability to load digital coupons to a loyalty card or personal identifier (such as a smart phone) was “very” or “extremely useful.”  The data suggests that consumers value the ability to easily access their coupons whenever and wherever they are.

There are three key things that retailers and manufacturers can do to create a winning couponing program in the digital age:

1. Recognize the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) -- the moment when a shopper is searching online for products and information -- as a key opportunity for delivering relevant and tailored coupons.
2. Set up cloud-based redemption and reconciliation so coupons can be tracked and cleared in real time and promotions can be evaluated and adjusted quickly.
3. Understand your customer purchase habits and reward your best customers with motivating incentives.

Preview the below to learn more about the Zavers by Google coupon study, or download the complete white paper.

Posted by Jenny Liu, Product Marketing Manager, Zavers by Google

Source: CPG Blog

Price Chopper Supermarkets partners with Zavers by Google to reward their most loyal shoppers

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Since its launch in January, Zavers by Google has partnered with leading regional supermarkets, like D’Agostino, BI-LO/Winn-Dixie and Associated Food Stores, to reward customers with relevant coupons. The digital coupon solution also helps retailers and manufacturers increase shopper spend and basket size.

Price Chopper, an innovative 81-year-old supermarket chain based in New York, worked with Zavers to engage their loyal shoppers in a new way, and saw significant results. Price Chopper was looking to optimize their coupon marketing campaigns and deliver more effective coupons to their customers’ rewards cards. After researching multiple digital coupon solutions, Price Chopper teamed up with Zavers by Google to seamlessly integrate their website and mobile app with the technology to load coupons directly to customers’ rewards cards.

“Digital coupons make it easier for shoppers to get savings at the moment they’re deciding what to buy. Plus, with automatic redemption at checkout, our cashiers don’t have to spend time scanning paper coupons,” says Heidi Reale, Price Chopper’s Director of Shopper and Digital Marketing.

After implementing Zavers by Google, Price Chopper saw significant gains in basket size, trip frequency, and weekly spend amongst its best customers. Internal analysis revealed that loyal shoppers who spent 50 percent of their share-of-wallet with Price Chopper also represented 43 percent of all their Zavers digital coupon users, which meant that these shoppers make up a valuable segment of their customers.

Furthermore, a Price Chopper comparison analysis of shopper spending habits showed that among shoppers who engaged with Zavers e-coupons, the average total monthly spend of active customers increased by 10 percent.

“We are very happy with the results so far,” Reale says. “We see e-coupons as a way to reward our best shoppers, the ones who spend the most with us and visit us the most. With Zavers by Google, we don’t simply deliver a coupon to someone’s card. We deliver it more effectively in a way that generates a better ROI for both manufacturers and retailers.”

To learn more about Price Chopper’s success with Zavers by Google, download the full case study. Visit to learn more about Zavers’ digital couponing solution or contact our sales team at

Posted by Jenny Liu, Product Marketing Manager, Zavers by Google

Source: CPG Blog

Future of Advertising Event – DoubleClick Insights

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There has been explosive growth in ad technology over the last 20 years. From each of our perspectives -- whether you are an agency, an advertiser, publisher or a technology provider -- we can all still see unprecedented opportunities as the digital world continues to grow and diversify.

We believe that as an industry, we’re on a common digital journey and that the next wave of innovation in ad tech will come from us all working better together.

However, like all great opportunities, there are challenges and questions, such as:
  • How do we unlock the next $50 billion of opportunity for digital advertising?
  • How do we deliver those immersive, interactive experiences to today’s empowered consumer demands?
  • What do we, as part of the ad tech ecosystem, need to build to create even more value for our clients and consumers?
On June 5th we’re hosting DoubleClick Insights to start exploring some answers to these questions. Senior leaders from top agencies, advertisers and publishers will help lead the conversation -- and you’re invited to join via the live stream! Register here.

The agenda will include topics such as:

Adapting to the Empowered Consumer:
Neal Mohan, Vice President, Display Advertising at Google will be joined by David Kenny, Chairman & CEO, The Weather Channel Companies, and James Pitaro, Co-President, Disney Interactive Media Group, to discuss how technology is being used to deliver new content and advertising experiences to consumers.

If We Build It, Will They (Consumers) Come? 
Terry Kawaja, CEO and Co-Founder, Luma Partners (and creator of the now legendary LUMAscape chart) will lead a conversation about the ad tech ecosystem, and what it needs to do next to add value for agencies, publishers, marketers – and ultimately consumers. Terry will be joined onstage by:
  • Omar Tawokol, Chief Executive Officer, BlueKai
  • Greg Stuart, Global CEO of Mobile Marketing Association
  • Kurt Unkel, President, VivaKi
  • Shishir Mehrota, Vice President of Product Management, YouTube
Outside the Box: Technology = Creative Friend or Foe?
Technology is supposed to make the life of a marketer easier. For our final conversation, we’re going to focus on the question of: Is this technology exploring resulting in better marketing? Or, is it just resulting in mediocre creative and complexity for both consumers and marketers? Karim Temsamani, Vice President - New Products and Solutions, Google moderates the conversation with leaders from creative agencies, iconic brands and publishers including:
  • Brad Ruffkess, Global Connection, Coca-Cola
  • Mike Lowenstern, Managing Director of Digital Advertising, R/GA
  • Peter Minnium, Head of Digital Brand Initiatives, IAB
  • John Caldwell, Chief Digital Officer, National Geographic
The live stream will start on June 5, 2012, at 9:00 am PDT, and you’ll be able to watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. To learn more about our highlighted speakers go to theSpeakers page on our site.

Please register for this virtual event by visiting the DoubleClick Insights Live Stream page.

DoubleClick Insights
Tuesday, June 5th 2012
9:00am - 1:00pm PST
Set event reminder today

Following us on Google+ or Twitter (@DoubleClick and @DoubleClick_pub)? Use the #dclkinsights tag as you're watching the event to ask questions or share comments during the event.

Posted by Stephen Kliff and Scott Brown, DoubleClick Marketing

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