Asset-based Extensions: Updated Availability and new ValueTrack Parameter

As previously announced, all ad extensions are migrating to the new Asset-based extension paradigm. You must update extensions support in your implementation and migrate existing Feed-based extensions to Asset-based extensions. See the migration schedule for important sunset dates.

What has changed

The following Asset-based extension types are now available to all accounts:
Though originally scheduled for release later this year, Asset-based Image extensions will not be available in the Google Ads API until 2022. When available, we will publish an updated sunset timeline for Feed-based Image extensions to this blog and in our extension migration documentation.

Lastly, the new {extensionid} ValueTrack parameter will be available beginning June 24, 2021. You can use this parameter to track clicks on your Asset-based extensions. The {extensionid} parameter for Asset-based extensions mirrors the behavior of the existing {feeditemid} parameter for Feed-based extensions.

What you need to do

Migrate Callout, Promotion, Sitelink, and Structured Snippet extensions in your accounts to Asset-based extensions using the Google Ads API. We encourage you to do so as soon as possible so as to continue to be able to modify your extensions; Callout, Promotion, Sitelink, and Structured Snippet Feed-based extensions will automatically migrate to Asset-based extensions on October 20, 2021. You will soon be able to opt individual Google Ads client accounts out of this auto migration; the opt out process will be announced on this blog when available. Please see our extension migration guide for the most up-to-date and relevant information. Note that Asset-based extensions are not supported in the AdWords API.

You can now use the {extensionid} ValueTrack parameter to track clicks on any Asset-based extensions that you have created. The {feeditemid} parameter does not apply to any clicks on Asset-based extensions, and {extensionid} does not apply to clicks on Feed-based extensions. To continue attributing clicks correctly, you should update any URLs that currently use the {feeditemid} ValueTrack parameter to also include the new {extensionid} ValueTrack parameter. You should therefore set both {feeditemid} and {extensionid} in the same URL, though only one will be populated depending on the source of the click.

If you have any questions or need additional help, contact us via the forum or at [email protected].