Apply now to explore our digital policy future

The Internet has generated a series of new opportunities and issues for policymakers, impacting everything from copyright to competition. As a company that started out in academia, we’ve long supported some of the world’s best computer science researchers in universities. Our Google Research Awards grant program only recently branched out into policy areas and we’re eager now to attract top notch researchers to submit applications on Internet policy matters.

Researchers can apply for up to $150,000. However most first time awards are funded at the amount needed to support basic expenses for one graduate student for one year, or around $50,000. Please see our FAQs for more details on eligibility and budgets.

Applications for the next funding round are due by April 15th.

Each funded project will be assigned a Googler as sponsor. The role of the sponsor is to support the project by discussing research directions, engaging with professors and students, and overseeing collaboration between the project team and Google. For more details, look at the FAQ for the question, What are Google contacts and potential Google sponsors, and what roles do they play?

A separate, but related program, for students is the Google Policy Fellowship program, which provides an exciting opportunity for paid internships. Inspired by Google’s Summer of Code with a public policy twist, the Google Policy Fellowship program offers undergraduate, graduate, and law students the opportunity to work at public interest organizations at the forefront of debates on broadband and access policy, content regulation, copyright and creativity, consumer privacy, open government, government surveillance, data security, data innovation, free expression and more. More information about the host organizations and the areas of focus for the fellows is outlined here.

The deadline is April 14th.

Both the Policy Fellowship Program and the Research Awards program aim to stimulate public debate around the exciting challenges born in the Internet age. Please do apply and participate in this adventure.