Announcing v1.1 of the DoubleClick Bid Manager API

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of the DoubleClick Bid Manager API. The full v1.1 API documentation can be found here.

Major changes

This release contains two major changes that affect the API methods queries.createquery, queries.getquery, queries.listqueries, and reports.listreports. All other API methods remain unchanged.

One-to-one API filters to report column mappings

In v1, some report columns were not mapped to any API filters and could only be included indirectly by adding related API filters in createquery. For example, in v1, report column “Advertiser Integration Code” could only be accessed by including API filter FILTER_ADVERTISER in calls to createquery

Starting with v1.1, a new API filter FILTER_ADVERTISER_INTEGRATION_CODE maps to report column “Advertiser Integration Code”, and it is no longer automatically included when using FILTER_ADVERTISER. Instead, this new filter needs to be added to the report explicitly.
Refer to the v1.1 API filter documentation for a full list of the new API filters.

Pagination support 

In v1, listqueries and listreports attempted to retrieve all Queries and Reports and would time out if there were too many resources to return. Starting with v1.1, responses from these two methods are paginated, making all resources retrievable.

Refer to the v1.1 API release notes for more details.

- DBM API Team